Welcome to Darlington

The Fly Tipping Trash Can of the North

Welcome to Darlington...
and the Council who couldn't give a F**k

“…we appreciate that the issues of fly tipping has caused the “rat” infestation in different areas of the town.

We are prioritising the unacceptable behaviour of the public who consistently dump their rubbish instead of using the collection facilities that are available to all residents.”


Greenbank Road – 28 March 2021

The Fly Tipping shown in the slides above contain asbestos which is dangerous to human health. Darlington Street Scene were notified of the tipping on 22nd March and a week later nothing has been done to clear it – despite several calls to Darlington’s Street Scene. 

Also, an email with pictures of the tipping was sent to Heather Scott, Leader of Darlington Council on 22 March 2021 which has gone unanswered.  

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